Lee Min Jung & Gong Yoo : more than just friends???

Do you remember the BTS video whe posted yesterday? … well, the close friendship between Min Jung and Gong Yoo showed on the video is making a storm on the media

Several portals are curious if  they are more than just  friends … what do you think??? ♥

Well, it’s not a big news the amazing chemistry between Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo, several times before we talked about their friendship and how childish they can be when they’re filming … but this time the news are getting bigger and bigger

That’s why is not a surprise that korean media and fans are suspecting these two …  and the release of the latest BTS video ended being a catalyst for the news

On the video we can see how Gong Yoo plays with Min Jung’s hat and take care of her costar while filming the infamous snowy scene ♥  … the close and lovely relationship between the 2 top stars is the talk of the town

Here’s the video we were refering , enjoy the sweet momments of YooMin :

Source : Daum News , Sports Donga


6 thoughts on “Lee Min Jung & Gong Yoo : more than just friends???

    • hahaha claro que si chingu =) hacen una preciosa pareja y lo sean o no incluso como amigos se los ve realmente bien , por eso creo es que los rumores empiezan a crecer

      gracias por postear y visitanos a menudo si??? * welcome welcome *

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