‘Big’ Gong Yoo Gets Jealous, Yells At Lee Min Jung

A Gong Yoo blinded by jealousy has gotten into a fight with Lee Min Jung.

The latest episode of KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Big’ featured Gil Da Ran (played by Lee Min Jung) picking up her fiancee Seo Yoon Jae’s things and going to Kang Kyung Joon (played by Gong Yoo)’s house.

Kyung Joon, who sees the things that Da Ran has brought to his house, pointedly asks her, “Is that why you went to your house?” Da Ran, who does not notice the change in Kyung Joon’s behavior, explains that she brought stuff she left at her house.

Previously, Kyung Joon had seen Yoon Jae’s belongings at Gil Da Ran’s house, and could not hide his jealousy when she brought what he knew to be Yoon Jae’s things.

He resorts to throwing Yoon Jae’s things, yelling, “Take everything that belongs to Yoon Jae in my room! I have nowhere to put my things. This is Yoon Jae’s, that’s Yoon Jae’s too”, and leaves after moving the belongings to Da Ran’s room, saying “I’m not the one who gets to be a part of that family.”

Kyung Joon, who has a crush on Da Ran, knows that despite marrying Da Ran, the life he lives really belongs to Yoon Jae and cannot control being jealous of him.

Source : Korea Portal


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