[Ceci] Lee Min Jung’s Style Changes Throughout the Years

Lee Min Jung wasn’t called a goddess from the beginning. Her style has gone through drastic changes since she played the role of Hana on “Boys Over Flowers” that put her on the map. We’ve outlined her changes over the years, and found out her beauty secrets to pulling off her perfect looks.

Q&A with Min Hye Min, Hairstylist

Q:  How would you define Lee Min Jung’s style in one word?

A:  “Girl of Transformation”.  Just as her carefree personality is an unexpected deviant from her pretty and delicate face, she prefers her hair in simple waves or with a rough texture.  Simple styling makes her natural beauty shine through more.


She looked fresh and youthful just as she does today, but there was something about her then that just felt different.  We figured out it was because of the way she used to do her foundation and eyelashes.  She used just one skin tone for her entire face and curled her lashes straight up, which actually had the effect of making her eyes look smaller.  But her poreless honey skin was as flawless as it is now.


For her fiery character on “Boys Over Flowers,” rather than dressing like the stereotype for an heiress, she decided to take a more playful and bright approach.  Her hair embraces the lines of her face, and is layered down the back for a natural look.  Before blow drying, apply a small about of hair essence at the tips of your hair while still damp.  Be careful of using too much essence as it can cause your hair to sink and lose volume.


For her carefree and lovable character in “Cyrano Agency,” Lee Min Jung cut her bangs and put waves in just the ends.  Her bangs can be brushed down to a straight line for a clean look, or swept to the side for a feminine touch.  Skip the base, and layer two different shades of foundation with a thin, matte concealed for her look.


Lee Min Jung tends to go for dramatic makeup when she dons a dress.  She emphasized her eyes by using a black pencil liner to outline her lower inner rims.  Then she applied gray and purple shades of eye shadow, and finished the look with a powdery shadow to make it stay put.


Lee Min Jung was chosen as the new model for Skin Food.  The brand conducted a survey last May to figure out how people felt about their old and new models, and discovered that people favored Lee Min Jung 66% more than their last model.  The product she endorsed, Skin Food’s “Golden Kiwi Suncream SPF 36 PA++” was publicized on various media outlets and saw an increase in sales.


For this look, Lee Min Jung layered her hair heavily and put in streaks of bright colors.  If you just brighten up bits and pieces here and there, the roots are less noticeable when they grow out, and make the hair look much more voluminous.  It looks as if she’s going all natural with no-make up, but she’s tightly lined her lash line with a peachy brown shadow.


To complement the vibrant color of her dress, she toned down her makeup.  Smoky eye makeup would actually have had the effect of making her eyes look swollen with this outfit.  Instead, she lined her eyes and focused on her lashes, adding a touch of shadow to her lower lids for a multidimensional look.  The tail ends of her eyes are lined the thickest, and then taper off.


She didn’t just plainly put up her hair.  Small strands are curled from the root down for volume, and sections are tied up separately.  Brush your fingers through your hair, and tie up the top section high in the back, then twirl the back section for more volume before typing it up.  Lee Min Jung added some pink lipstick to finish off the adorable look.


Her shoulder-length hair is colored a light brown and tied low in the back so her bangs flow naturally down the front.  Lee Min Jung personally requested this style from her hairstylist.  Her bangs and the hair on the side embrace her face in a very undone and natural, yet stylish way.

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Source : Soompi News


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