Lee Min Jung’s childhood photos, “a natural beauty”

Lee Min Jung’s childhood photographs have been published.


On the January 16th broadcast of SBS’s “Healing Camp” she also offered some explanation regarding the title of “one of Gangnam’s top 5 faces”.

Some of her childhood photos then appeared on screen and host Lee Kyeong-gyu said, “A natural beauty. Hardly a change since elementary school”.

In the pictures of Lee Min-jeong as a child with her mother, displaying a slight smile, there is no difference from her appearance today. She still has beautiful features, a strong forehead and startlingly clear skin.

Host Kim Je-dong said, “I’m wondering about the story of the top 5 faces in Gangnam”, to which Lee Min Jung replied, “Jeon Ji-hyeon, Song Hye-kyo, Park Ji-yoon, Seo Ji-yeong and Han Hye-jin are the top 5 faces, not me. When I first heard the negative comments about that story I felt so sick to my stomach that I could have gone to the hospital”.

Source : Hancinema


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