Is marriage in store for Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung next year?


Actor Lee Byung Hun recently picked up the ‘Star of the Year’ award at the ‘CineAsia 2012 Awards‘ in Hong Kong on the 13th and while there, piqued the curiosity of netizens with his comment regarding marriage.

Lee Byung Hun shared, “Conducting international promotional activities is not easy. I think to myself, ‘Will I be able to do a production next year’? Although it’s a busy schedule, I still wish that there’s a good production that suits me waiting,” revealing his hopes to take on more international films.

Then the big question on everyone’s minds was asked – will he tie the knot with his current girlfriend, actress Lee Min Jung? Lee Byung Hun smiled and responded, “If there is time, I really…”, before stopping short of completing his sentence, leaving everyone to guess what he meant to say.

The actor was also asked to choose between love and career, and he of course took the easy way out as he commented, “Both are important. I can’t choose one. They are all important things to me.”

Hearing the actor’s comments, netizens expressed, “I hope Lee Byung Hun marries Lee Min Jung quickly”, “He’s saving his words”, and “He sounds like he wants to get married as soon as possible.”

As reported before, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung previously announced their relationship last August and are said to have been dating for almost a year now.

Source : Allkpop


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