Lee Byung Hun’s Sister Talks About Her Brother’s Date with Lee Min Jung

Lee Byung Hun_Lee Min Jung

Lee Byung Hun‘s younger sister Lee Eun Hee recently caused the ears of netizens to perk up when she talked about the date her brother and his girlfriend Lee Min Jung went on.

On Y-Star’s “Gunggeunta,” Lee Eun Hee revealed the story behind Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s date at the restaurant she manages.

The reporter asked, “Did Lee Byung Hun stop by your restaurant to congratulate you on its grand opening?” To which Lee Eun Hee replied, “Of course he came to congratulate me. He ate and spent time at my restaurant until it was 1am in the morning. He attracted about 100 fans and ran into a hilarious situation where he could not even move from his seat and go to the restroom. He also came with actress Lee Min Jung. She also enjoyed our food and kept him company.”

Lee Eun Hee

Source : Soompi News


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