Lee Min Jung Takes a Friendly Photo with Lee Byung Hun’s Little Sister

Lee Min Jung_Lee Eun Hee

Recently on an online community bulletin board, two photos were uploaded under the title, “Update on Lee Min Jung who is on vacation.”

In the pictures are actress Lee Min Jung and Lee Eun Hee, who is actor Lee Byung Hun’s younger sister. Lee Min Jung looks beautiful with minimal makeup and a comfortable outfit. She is posing with a V-sign and is sitting close next to Lee Eun Hee. With her short hair and flawless skin, Lee Eun Hee also looks gorgeous and natural in this photo.

Netizens who saw these pictures commented, “Lee Min Jung is so beautiful,” “I am a woman, and even I find Lee Min Jung attractive,” “Lee Min Jung looks cute and pretty,” “Attractive face,” “Her cheeks look full,” “I am jealous of both Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung.”

Meanwhile in August of 2011, Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun have confirmed the rumors and announced that they are indeed dating.

Source : Soompi News

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