Han Hye Jin leaves SBS drama


Ahead of production and airing, Han Hye-jin has stepped off the upcoming SBS drama “Everything About My Relationship”

The 31-year-old actress decided to forgo the show due to her overbooked calendar.

Han’s agency Namoo Actors confirmed the details, saying that “due to movie filming, she didn’t have time for the show”.

In Han’s stead, Lee Min Jung is expected to take over.Lee’s agency said the actress was “thinking it through”.

The drama is about the secret love lives of politicians of different parties. The program will take over the time slot of the drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows”.

Two months ago, Han was in the spotlight for breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Naul of Brown Eyed Soul. Leading up to Christmas, Han’s agency announced that the two decided to go their separate ways because they “grew apart” after nine years together.

A source close to the stars revealed at the time that due to their conflicting schedules, the couple only met up two times a month, if that.

Han Hye Jin

Source : Hancinema


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