Lee Min Jung confirmed as lead actress for SBS ‘All About My Love’

Min Jung

Korean actress Lee Min Jung has confirmed her participation in new SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘All About My Love’ as the female lead.

Lee Min Jung plays the role of No Min Young in ‘All About My Love’, where she is an assemblywoman for the progressive party but falls in love with a legislator from the rivalling conservative party. Lee Min Jung will once again bring out her charisma as the ‘romantic comedy queen’ through her new drama.

‘All About My Love’ is a romantic comedy that talks of a romance between a woman and a man from rivalling political parties. They have to go on dates in secret, and a slew of wacky situations ensues because of their respective jobs.

No Min Young is a member of the progressive party, which has just 2 members including her. Her straight talk and no-fuss manner of working invokes a series of unexpected events, and it is because of all these unexpected events which brings out an optimistic aura and enables people to gradually place her trust in her, and become her supporters, showing her unlimited charisma.

During the course of intense politicking in parliament, No Min Young gets acquainted with conservative party legislator Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) and begin a secret romance that is fraught with much dangers from all directions.

Lee Min Jung expressed of her role, “No Min Young is a strong-will woman on the outside, but yet sentimental on the inside. I was really attracted by the role’s personality. This drama has unique and fresh character images, and also possesses romantic comedy elements. While bringing laughter to viewers, this drama will also enable viewers to feel the warmth of real love. After discussions with the screenwriter, I fell deeply in love with the role of No Min Young even more.”

The production team expressed supreme confidence after seeing Lee Min Jung signing on for the drama, “After meeting with Lee Min Jung, we felt that she was really compatible for the role of No Min Young because of their bubbly and outgoing personalities. We are confidence that she will be able to digest the role of No Min Young perfectly.”

‘All About My Love’ will take over from ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ and begin airing this April.

Source : Yahoo Philipines


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