Top Star Couple Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung take a Las Vegas Trip?


Recently, there have been news that top star couple, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were both in the United States.

Yesterday, an online community board revealed a post with the title, ‘Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung Take a Trip to Las Vegas’, along with photos.

Lee Byung Hun’s agency stated, “Lee Byung Hun is here in Las Vegas for his soon to release ‘G.I Joe 2’ promotions. He is here to meet with an agent. We are not sure if he has met up with Lee Min Jung while in Vegas.”

Lee Min Jung’s agency stated, “It is true that she is in the states, but she is there for a commercial shoot. We are also not sure if the two have met up while being here in the states.”

Last September, the two left for the U.S. one day after each other, making it suspicious that the two were going on a trip together somewhere.

Their outfits for the airport were also oddly similar, adding to the curiosity.

The two revealed that they were dating officially last August.

Lee Byung Hun has finished filming for the movie, “Red” and is waiting for the release of “G.I. Joe 2.” Lee Min Jung is set to appear in a new SBS drama titled, “All My Love.”

Source : Kpopstarz


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