All About My Romance: Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun Embarks On Their First Screen Together


The still cuts of the first filming of the drama ‘All About My Romance’ has been revealed.

Lee Min-jung, appearing as the minority-party Green Justice Party’s member Noh Min-yeong, appears on a radio and criticizes the majority pary Grand Korean Party member Kim Soo-yeong (Shin Ha-gyun)’s acts.

Lee Min-jung managed to walk through the thorny brambles of professional jargon without even a single mistake, while Shin Ha-kyun responded to her lines with endless varieties of facial expressions. The partnership of the two reportedly won much acclaim from the staff members.

A romantic comedy between the unlikely couple of a conservative majority member and the minority liberal member of the National Assembly, the bickering couple eventually begins their romance in secret, under the watchful eye of the public. Starring Shin Ha-gyun, Lee Min-jung, Gong Hyung-jin, and Han Chae-ah, the drama will follow the ending of the drama ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ on early April.

Source : Korean Drama


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