Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun become politicians for ‘All About My Date’

Upcoming SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘All About My Date’ has released a sneak peek of lead characters Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung acting as politicians through a set of photos.

The drama revolves around a love story between a male politician from a conservative party and a female politician from a liberal progressive party. Despite their different political ideologies as they call each other as ‘stubborn conservative’ or ‘left faction’, they engage in a secret underground romance while dealing with problems in their respective parties and also facing the scrutiny of the general public.

Filming officially got underway earlier this month on March 1st, with Progressive Labour Party member, No Min Young (Lee Min Jung) showing her fury at the actions of national assemblyman Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun), while recording a radio show.

Meanwhile, Soo Young is also seething with anger at home as he listens in on the explosive outburst from Min Young on the radio.
Despite having lots of lines that she was seeing for the first time in her life through her script, Lee Min Jung was able to recite them fluently without any errors, and left production staff praising her for her effort. Shin Ha Kyun also flexed his ‘acting god’ skills, by changing his expressions as and when was required from his script.

Besides Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung, ‘All About My Date’ also stars Park Hee Soon, Han Chae Ah, Gong Hyung Jin, Kim Jung Nan, and other talented cast members.

The drama will make its debut in early April.

Source : Yahoo Singapore


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