Lee Byung Hun cried a river in front of Lee Min Jung?

Actor Lee Byung Hun had nothing but good things to say about his girlfriend Lee Min Jung on the latest episode of SBS‘ ‘Healing Camp‘.

Lee Byung Hun opened up about what he truly thinks of his actress girlfriend, sharing, “I recently came to the conclusion that this person is really a precious person to me.”

He continued, “Because of the various rumors and incidents that were troubling me, I didn’t know what to do to prevent her and her family from becoming victims of this painful situation. We felt and faced everything together. It was a difficult situation for the both of us. I felt sorry, but I couldn’t express myself and was troubled. But she held my hand and told me to gain strength. She told me that she will trust and follow me, and she told me to be encouraged and asked why I am not acting like my normal self. I was really thankful then. I don’t cry often, but when she held my hand and said those things, I cried a river. Because I was tearing up, I couldn’t lift my head. I think I cried a lot then. I think it was the first time that she saw me cry.”

Lee Byung Hun also revealed that he first started dating Lee Min Jung back in 2006, but due to conflicting schedules, they broke up soon after. The pair eventually decided to date again and publicly announced their relationship in August of 2012.

Source : Allkpop


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