Lee Byung Hun Doesn′t Hide His Love for Lee Min Jung on ‘Healing Camp’


Lee Byung Hun practically had hearts spill out of him on the recent episode of SBS′ Healing Camp.

On the March 18 broadcast of the show, the actor opened up about his relationship with his lover, actress Lee Min Jung.

When it came time to talk about his love story with Lee Min Jung, he couldn′t seem to hide his affection toward his girlfriend.

When asked what he sees in her, Lee Byung Hun answered, “Of course she′s beautiful, but just like how it′s more important to be charming than merely good-looking for actors, her looks aren′t really that important.”

“Looks don′t last very long. I′ve always thought that it′s most important to have something in common when you′re in love,” he added. “I can share a lot [with Lee Min Jung]. We never stop talking. Even though we′re fairly apart in age, I think she′s very mature. She even seems to understand the emotions that you can only understand at my age.”

He also couldn′t hold back his praise for her humor.

“She′s very humorous. Usually it′s the man that makes the woman laugh, but for us, we take up similar roles. Thanks to that, I get to laugh a lot,” he said.

Lee Byung Hun also revealed this day how the two had become a couple again following a previous breakup.

Source : Enewsworld


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