[Broadcast] “When A Man’s In Love VS “Everything About My Relationship”

Romance takes over spring this year. MBC drama “When A Man’s in Love” and SBS mini-series “Everything About My Relationship” will take off together on the first week of April.

▲Mellow VS Romantic Comedy

The two dramas talk about love and relationships. “When A Man’s in Love” is a mellow and “Everything About My Relationship” is a romantic comedy drama. If the first is heavy and serious, the latter is bright and cheerful.

“When A Man’s in Love” is about Tae-sang (Song Seung-heon), a man who’s been through loan sharks and developed into a business man; Mi-do (Sin Se-kyeong) is a girl from a poor home. There are Jae Hee (Yeon Woo-jin) and Seong-joo (Chae Jeong-an) who are involved with them romantically. It’s too soon to say it’s typical. It is written by Kim In-yeong from “Women in the Sun” and “The Equator Man”. Her past works have been highly evaluated and therefore expectations are high this time as well.

“Everything About My Relationship” is a modern day “Romeo and Juliet”. Based on an original novel, two politicians from two very different political parties get involved in a secret relationship under the watch of the whole nation. Sin Ha-gyoon is Soo-yeong, a former judge and current newly elected member of the National Assembly. Lee Min-jeong takes on the role of Min-yeong who is the opposing party member.

▲ Handsome man Song Seung-heon VS pleasant man Sin Ha-gyoon

The women need to be mesmerized to take over the competition. The actors come in here. This time it’s Song Seung-heon and Sin Ha-gyoon.

Song Seung-heon is the typical gentleman. He is different in “When A Man’s in Love”. Tae-sang is a wild man. Song Seung-heon lost some weight and grew some facial hair to seem more that way. However, when it comes to his lover Mi-do, he is endlessly soft and caring. He is sharp and intelligent but nothing like that when it’s in front of her.

Sin Ha-gyoon takes over in “Everything About My Relationship”. He’s known for his talent in acting and he created a firm base in “Brain” last year. This is his first romantic comedy after the 2002 movie “Surprise”. Soo-yeong isn’t righteous but he’s a clean politician. He causes trouble because of his outspoken habits. Sin is about to draw out the complicated character in an interesting way,

▲ The world of wild ones VS Jumbled world of politics

“When A Man’s in Love” deals with the rough world of men. The male characters cause tension. The drama starts with a story of gangsters. Lee Seong-min makes a special appearance as the boss of Tae-sang and lover of Seong-joo. He leaves a deep knife wound on Tae-sang’s back. When Tae-sang becomes a businessman, he takes care of the younger brother Jae-hee. Jae-hee is supported by Tae-sang and applies to his company after studying abroad. They compete for one woman and one company.

“Everything About My Relationship” deals with politics. Like Lee Min-jeong’s ordeal of not being able to get familiar with the words at first since they ‘speak politics’, the topic of the drama isn’t too friendly. Of course there was a precedent. SBS drama “THE CITY HALL” was one of it. “Everything About My Relationship” carries a message. The relationship between Soo-yeong and Min-yeong should reflect on the realistic society’s pending issue.

Source : Hancinema


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