Lee Min Jung Makes Harshful Remarks on the Meeting of the Members of the National Assembly

No Min Young

In All About My Romance, episode 2, Noh Min Young(played by Lee Min Jung) was invited to a meeting of the members of the National Assembly.

As Min Young arrived at the meeting site which was a bar, she was disappointed to see all the members drunk and having fun.

Min Young drank a glass of alcohol and shouted, “Patriots? You guys described yourselves as patriots? Such a bullshit. The word ‘patriot’ would be rotting inside the dictionary, you filthy bastards!”

As the members looked at her with confusion, Min Young continued, “How can I not be pissed after seeing this? You guys fight at daytime and become drinking buddies at night, is this what you think the citizens want? You’re all going to blame on each other the next day, aren’t you? The democracy that I know is something that is honorably done altogether with the citizens under the bright sun, not in some small, dark room full of alcohol.”

Source : Koreandrama


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