Interview with ‘Perfect girl’ Lee Min Jung


Interview Part 1 with ‘Perfect girl’ Lee Min Jung – “I did have many kiss scenes with Jung Kyung Ho, huh?”


Translations : blue_angel_1004 @ soompi

“I’ve heard many comments to really date him in real life.”

Actress LMJ coolly answered about her chemistry with her on-screen husband, JKH.

In the recently finished SBS weekend drama, “Smile, You,” LMJ partnered with JKH, where they emerged as the “perfect couple.”

In the drama, Seo Jung In meets and falls in love with “Mandoo” man, JKH. And through the two families living together under one roof, she learns about the true value of money and family, and also matures. The “Idiot-Frog” couple earned the love of the viewers with their lovey-dovey tactics.

Early on, after watching the closeness of the two, the viewers were suspicious about whether they were dating in real life, but later, this changed to pleas to please date in real life.

LMJ told Newsen that she read many comments to date him in real life. “However, if we really liked each other, I think it would have been difficult to act. Because we’re close, that kind of acting was possible.”

“I think Kyung Ho and I were able to comfortably act with each other. Seeing Kyung Ho ad-lib, I thought, ‘That actor knows how to bring things to life,’ and I learned a lot from him.” LMJ praised her co-star. For LMJ who got her start in theater, she doesn’t have much experience in dramas.

“I’ve done theater in the past, but in theater, every single body movements have been prepared in advance and so I never did any ad-libbing. But in this project, every scene had some ad-lib. I realized that actors can “play” to this extent in front of the camera.”

Many of the actors’ ad-lib in “Smile, You” actually got aired. “There is a scene where I pour rice wine for Chunhee oppa and I say ‘dong dong dong dong.’ That was my ad-lib, and it actually got used in the final cut.” LMJ said in the scene where JKH carries LMJ on his back and says “I think I’m going to die,” it might have been his actual feeling at that time.

Between the lovely JungIn and HyunSoo couple, there were many kissing scenes. As a result, JKH became many men’s “public enemy.” However, there was no pressure. LMJ laughed and explained that, “Although it wasn’t uncomfortable, when it became too much, we also took out some (kissing scenes).” The two probably looked adorable to even the production crew.

In the meanwhile, LMJ has been very busy time since “Smile, You” wrapped up. She is filming cfs, and focusing on her upcoming film.


Source : Newsen 


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