Shin Ha Kyun Says the Film’Running Man’ Gave Him a Hard Time

Shin Ha Kyun

He′s already been in the scene for 16 years but still he′s taking on new challenges. Shin Ha Kyun tried out acting in the action genre for the first time with his film Running Man.

NOTE : IN THIS INTERVIEW SHIN HA KYUN REVEALS FEW THINGS ABOUT OUR MIN JUNG ( P.S : They know each other for a long time ^^ ) 

Though he was ready for it, the action scenes he met at 40 years old were more than he had hoped for.

“It was so hard,” he said about acting for the film.

“This was my first attempt at action. I′m happy with the results because it shows how much I suffered. During filming, every day was so tiring and I even stopped drinking alcohol because of the pressure I felt about the shoots to take place the next day. I even worked out for about two months before shooting started. This was the first time I was more worried about my physique than my acting, since I wasn′t supposed to look awkward.”

Though he made it through the hot and cold weather and the straining scenes, there was one thing he couldn′t stand.

“It was most difficult when I had to act on wires because I′m afraid of heights. I practically had a mental breakdown whenever I got that scared when my body was so tired. There′s a scene in the movie in which I fall down at a cafe, and that was from an actual accident.”

Even the title is Running Man; he was bound to have felt as soon as he saw the title that he was in for hard times. Why then, when he was soaring so high with his success from Brain, did he choose such a piece?

“I was curious about the genre I had never been in before. The characteristics of the film seemed like they could make their own story and their own genre. There are genres that you can only take up until a certain point in your life, and I got an offer for an action piece when I was still strong. The scenario was also pretty fun. I thought it would be a nice film for entertainment.”

Shin Ha Kyun not only runs with all his might, but he also appears as a father for the first time ever. His son is even supposed to be 17 years old.

“It was okay because we weren′t a normal father and son. I worked hard to express it the way it appeared in the scenario. I think it helped me look back on my relationship with my own father. I′ll probably look different if I appear as a father again once I have my own family and my own children.”

With the premiere of the film, he also returned to the small screen with the SBS drama Everything About My Relationship. In the drama, he appears as an assemblyman, and even gets to enjoy a romance with the beautiful actress Lee Min Jung.

“I′ve never been in a film that concentrates on romance, but I wanted to be in one and I believed I should be in one someday. It turns out I got to fulfill this wish in drama. It feels so different to shoot a romance drama after running around so much. I′m enjoying a rise in status too; the drama is set in the National Assembly. The shoots are fun, and I′ve known my co-star Ms. [Lee] Min Jung since she was a play actor working with director Jang Jin when she was in college. It′s been a long time since I’ve seen her, but she′s still beautiful and she knows how to move in romance.

Though he′s busy shooting his drama and promoting his film, Shin Ha Kyun said every day is full of joy for him. Running Man has been garnering praise from netizens, and the actor said he gained more confidence after attending a few stage events.

“I think a lot of people will like the film. I believe it′s a good film that you can enjoy and it will let you leave the theater in high spirits. I hope a lot of people watch it, too. I′ve never met my audience up close, but this time I was so surprised. If everything turns out well I want to share a few drinks with my fans. (Laugh)”

Source : Enewsworld


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