“All About My Love Life” Interview with Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun “Kiss on the Chest”

“All About My Love Life” Details of the interview at the press conference.

Lee Min Jung: “If people think politics are hard, they tend to avoid the topic completely. They also do not even give realistic political dramas a chance. The drama will feature more romance from now on, so don’t you think more people will enjoy it?”

Shin Ha Kyun: “What kind of changes do I think this drama needs? I’m not quite certain. I never experienced a situation where changes were needed. I think the only thing I can do is to keep working hard.”

The SBS drama “All About My Love Life” received a viewing rate of 5% for the 3rd episode, which was the lowest rating among the Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

However, the chemistry between the actors and the production crew cannot get any better. Everybody is happy on the set as well.

Lee Min Jung commented, “Only a few episodes have been aired so far. Regardless of the disappointing viewing rate, there are a lot of people who are enjoying the drama so we just want to continue making this drama the best we can.”

Regarding a scene where Lee Min Jung accidently kisses Shin Ha Kyun’s bare chest, Shin Ha Kyun comments, “I don’t have a good body” and “I was kind of ashamed that I didn’t make myself muscular for this drama.”

Park Hee Soon commented, “The most memorable scene is the scene at the private bar” and “I felt so relieved to see it. Even when I am acting in the same drama, I am learning a lot.” He continued, “I can’t monitor how the scene went so there are times when I get surprised when I watch the broadcast on TV.” He then added, “I’m watching everybody around me. I’m trying to improve myself a little by little.”

Regarding the difficult legal terms, Lee Min Jung stated, “It was hard but it started to become fun as I continued to use them. It gets more fun as we keep repeating them back and forth to each other.” Lee Min Jung is being praised for her acting by both the viewers and the production crew.

Han Chae Ah commented, “It was awkward since we met for the first time but we’re not awkward anymore” and “We’re the same age but I am very impressed to see all the passion and talent Lee Min Jung has.” Lee Min Jung was even compared to the God of acting, Shin Ha Kyun.

Regarding all the praise, Lee Min Jung replied, “Those are such generous compliments” and “I am not fitting for them. People tell me to take things comfortably when I have difficulty in any way. Everybody is very understanding.”

Also, when Lee Min Jung was asked about her boyfriend Lee Min Jung, she replied, “He has a lot of events overseas. It’s good because I’m busy filming this drama as well.”

Han Chae Ah added, “The lines in every scene are so great” and “We are trying our best to make every scene memorable.” Park Hee Soon also expressed that he believes more people will take interest.

Park Hee Sun_Han Chae Ah

Source : Kdramastars


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