“All About My Love Life” Shin Ha Kyun’s Interest in Lee Min Jung Multiplies “What Do You Think About Me?”

What Do You Think About Me

“All About My Love Life” Shin Ha Kyun begins to express his hidden feelings for Lee Min Jung.

April 17, an episode of the SBS drama “All About My Love Life” featured Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) waiting in front of Noh Min Young’s (Lee Min Jung) house. He had shown up because he was worried about all the criticism Noh Min Young received from other members of the Congress. Also, he couldn’t keep hiding his feelings of admiration for her any longer.

When Noh Ming Young sees Kim Soo Young waiting for her in front of her house, she asks, “Did you come here because you were worried about me?” Kim Soo Young replies, “I came here because I was worried about me. I feel really weird lately.”

Kim Soo Young then asks, “Miss Noh Min Young, what do you think about me?”
Without thinking about it seriously, she replies, “I don’t think anything. I never thought about you in the first place.”

Kim Soo Young becomes frustrated when Noh Min Jung fails to pick up his clues.

Source : Kdramastars


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