“All About My Love Life” Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung “I Like You and Can’t Stop Thinking About You”


“All About My Love Life” Shin Ha Kyun follows Lee Min Jung around.

The 5th episode of the SBS drama “All About My Love Life” featured Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) confessing his love for Noh Min Young (Lee Min Jung) very straight forwardly.

During this episode, Kim Soo Young follows Noh Min Young around everywhere to express his feelings.

While Noh Min Young is doing PT, he stares at her without a break and even follows her to a street market, somewhere he has never gone before. He even asks his bodyguard to kidnap Noh Min Young’s bodyguard so he could get some privacy with her.

Noh Min Young tells Kim Soo Young, “Why do you keep joking around with somebody who’s not bothering you” then says, “Never mind, don’t say anything, I already know.”

Kim Soo Young replies, “This only means Noh Min Young is beginning to think about me. No, you started to like me. Just like me.”

Source : Kdramastars


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