All About My Romance Episode 6 Review: Shin Ha Gyun Kisses Lee Min Jung


In All About My Romance, episode 6, Kim Soo Young(played by Shin Ha Gyun) kissed Noh Min Young(played by Lee Min Jung).

Previously, Soo Young confessed his feelings to Min Young, but Min Young got angry and rejected. However, Soo Young didn’t give up on her. He also induced sympathy to make her feel sorry for making him starve.

As Min Young got involved into trouble at work, Soo Young tried to help her. She raged, “If you really want to help me, leave me alone. My head is about to explode because of you. So leave me alone!”

Soo Young calmly said, “You seem like you’re angry at me.” Min Young answered, “It’s not only because of you. It’s because you…” Min Young couldn’t continue because Soo Young kissed her.

Source : Koreandrama


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