“Everything About My Relationship” Lee Min Jung dreams about Shin Ha Kyun


Lee Min-jeong freaked out when Sin Ha-gyoon appeared in her dreams.

On the sixth episode of the SBS drama “Everything About My Relationship”, Noh Min-yeong (Lee Min-jeong) found herself being weakened by Kim Soo-yeong (Sin Ha-gyoon) after she rejected him.

She had told him, “I don’t like it because it feels like a joke. Don’t let me see you again”.

However, she couldn’t help the fact that she was thinking about it, and in the end, she ran into him in a very wild dream. She pushed him to the walls and opened his shirt to reveal his chest.

Just when she was about to kiss him by force she woke up and said, “Why is he in my dreams?”

Meanwhile, Noh Min-yeong saw Ahn Hee-seon (Han Chae-ah) sleeping in Song Joon-ha’s (Park Hee-soon) house when she went to get her computer early in the morning and misunderstood their relationship.

Source : Hancinema


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