Lee Hyun Woo to Appear in Akdong Musician’s Music Video

Working with the winners of K-Pop Star, Lee Hyun Woo will be appearing in Akdong Musician’s upcoming music video.

On April 23, SBS released the making of the music video for Akdong Musician’s newest self-composed song, I Love You. The song was revealed on April 24 and will be included in the OST of the SBS drama All About My Romance.

In the BTS video of Akdong Musician’s music video, Lee Soo Hyun and Lee Chan Hyuk adorably danced along to the song and was later joined in by Lee Hyun Woo. In some stills that were released, Lee Chan Hyuk, the overprotective brother, carefully eyed the interaction between Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Soo Hyun.

Lee Soo Hyun previously chose Lee Hyun Woo as her favorite star, and the staff asked the actor to appear in the music video, which Lee Hyun Woo easily agreed to.

The music video will be revealed in early May through SBS.

Meanwhile, I Love You has been topping charts on various music sites, once again demonstrating the genius siblings′ popularity.

Source : Yahoo Philipinnes 


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