“All About My Love Life” Lee Min Jung’s Harsh Criticism of Shin Ha Kyun’s Kiss


“All About My Love Life” Lee Min Jung tries to maintain cool after she kisses Shin Ha Kyun.

During the 7th episode of the SBS drama “All About My Love Life”, Noh Mi Young (Lee Min Jung) and Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) share a kiss.

Noh Min Young tries to act cool when Kim Soo Young suddenly kisses her. Noh Min Young tries to act like it didn’t happen and tries to talk about something else. Kim Soo Young just laughs and says, “You don’t have to be so cool about it.”

Noh Min Young replies, “Oh, the kiss? It’s okay. It wasn’t bad. But you’re not going to freak out after one little kiss, right?”

When she sees Kim Soo Young hesitating, Noh Min Young says, “It could happen for grown a man and a woman. I’m okay but you might not be able to control your face expressions so let’s not run into each other for today.” Then she just leaves.

Left on the spot all alone, Kim Soo Young talks to himself saying, “What is that? What? It seems kind of like she’s trying to act cool. I can’t tell. That’s one woman I can’t figure out.”
However, Noh Min Young was also in a state of shock in reality. Noh Min Young walks down the stairs with her knees shaking and says to herself, “You were amazing Noh Min Young. How embarrassing.”

Source : Kdramastars


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