Park Hee Soon realizes Shin Ha Kyun’s secret

Joon Ha_secret

Joon-ha (Park Hee-soon) realized that Kim Soo-yeong (Sin Ha-gyoon) still didn’t give up his feelings for Min-yeong (Lee Min-jeong) on the episode of the SBS drama “Everything About My Relationship”.

Soo-yeong had said that he gave up on her as Joon-ha was being very hostile about the relationship between Min-yeong and him.

Soo-yeong bothered Min-yeong with anything and everything and seemed to be developing a rivalry with each other.

However, it was just a plot to fool the others as Min-yeong seemed very cautious about what they might think.

Soo-yeong suggested they dated in secret and Min-yeong hadn’t given him an answer yet.

However, Joon-ha had found the note suggesting the secret relationship.

In the preview that followed, Min-yeong agreed with Soo-yeong and formed a triangular relationship between the three of them.

Source : Hancinema


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