Love Is In The Air In K-pop: Spotlight on K-pop Couples

From K-drama stars to K-pop idols, Cupid is sure keeping busy these days striking the hearts of Korean celebrities everywhere. Love is certainly flowing through the Korean airwaves and we here at KPOPSTARZ want to make a tribute to all these blossoming relationships. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Korean lovebirds, shall we?

Couple #1 on our list is G.O.D’s resident hottie Yoon Kye Sang and Miss Korea’s most beautiful winner-to-date, Lee Honey. The two have only been dating for a month, but news of the couple spread like wildfire. The pair met last year at the Busan Film Festival and announced their relationship back in late February. Though I am a huge fan of Yoon Kye Sang, his handsome looks and million dollar smile, I will allow this relationship to flourish only because Lee Honey is so darn pretty and likeable. Good luck to the gorgeous duo!

Kim Tae Hee and Rain are our #2 couple on the list! The power star twosome surely rattled up fans when photos of the two together emerged out of the blue. Kim Tae Hee’s agency confirmed the rumors were true back in January of this year and the starlet opened up about the relationship at a press conference for her SBS drama, “Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love,” back in January, re-confirming the relationship. Despite the fact that Rain is no longer Asia’s most eligible bachelor, I will always be a believer of Rainism, and ofcourse, his abs.

The goddess of all my dreams, Lee Hyori and her main man Lee Sang Soon mark the #3 couple on our list. The “U Go Girl” beauty met her squeeze back in 2011 while collaborating on a charity project single called, “Remember,” which was produced by the singer-songwriter himself, Lee Sang Soon. The two have since been going strong and it doesn’t look like the most beautiful woman in K-pop will be heading for singledom any time soon. Lee Hyori is the Queen of K-pop, and whoever she wants to make her King, I will bow down willingly.

I can’t decide who’s the prettier half of this couple-Lee Byung Hun or Lee Min Jung? Both actors dated back in 2006 but broke up soon after due to conflicting schedules. The two decided to give their love a try once more and publicly announced their relationship in August of 2012. The busy actors are making the relationship work this time around and Lee Byun Hun opened about his other half on SBS’s Healing Camp. The G.I. Joe star said this about his significant other:

“There were a lot of incidents that gave me a hard time. I could bear whatever came my way, but when [Lee Min Jung] and her family were also hit with difficulties I didn′t know what to do. They were hard times, and I couldn′t even bring myself to say I was sorry, but she held my hand and told me to cheer up. ′I′ll trust you and follow only you, so cheer up. This is so not like you,′ she said.”

“I′m rarely brought to tears, but when she held my hand and told me that, I couldn′t help but cry,” he said. “I couldn′t bring myself to look up because the tears kept coming. I think that′s the first time she saw me cry too.”

Oh the joys of being in love.

Source : Kpopstarz 


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