All About My Romance Episode 10 Review: Shin Ha Gyun Congratulates Lee Min Jung for Not Losing Him

SY_MY_Ep 10

In All About My Romance, episode 10, Kim Soo Young(played by Shin Ha Gyun) congratulated Noh Min Young(played by Lee Min Jung) for not losing him.

Soo Young and Min Young started to date secretly.

On their first date, Min Young managed to arrive where Soo Young was waiting for her. However, Soo Young said, “Time’s up. You lost your chance.” Min Young was close to tears and said, “Do you know what I’ve been through to reach here? Even though I got cuts and bruises, and my work didn’t work out well, I still came to see you, but now you’re saying that I lost my chance?”

Soo Young quickly went to buy medicine. He applied medicine on her cuts and apologized. He continued, “Congratulations for not losing me. Even though you were a bit late.”

Source : Koreandrama


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