All About My Romance Episode 11 Review: Han Chae Ah Tells Lee Min Jung “I Like Shin Ha Gyun So Don’t Interrupt”


In All About My Romance, episode 11, An Hee Sun(played by Han Chae Ah) met Noh Min Young(played by Lee Min Jung) and warned her not to interrupt her and Kim Soo Young(played by Shin Ha Gyun).

Min Young said to Hee Sun, “I’ve tried to interrupt you and Joon Ha(played by Park Hee Soon), but now I decided not to. Seems like he’s heartbroken because of you.” Joon Ha was actually heartbroken because of Min Young, who had no idea that he liked her.

Hee Sun replied, “The person I like is Soo Young, not Joon Ha. You seem surprised.” Min Young said, “Yes, I am surprised of course. Haven’t you been going in and out of Joon Ha’s home?” Hee Sun answered, “I go in and out of Soo Young’s place too. To make it clear to you, Joon Ha was someone I used to like and dated for a bit, and Soo Young is the current man that I like. Now that you know, I hope you wish me good luck and help me.”

Min Young asked, “You do it yourself. Why do you ask for help?” Hee Sun added, “It’s going well even if you don’t help me. Only if someone doesn’t interrupt, him and I will be perfect.”

Source : Koreandrama


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