“ALL ABOUT MY ROMANCE” International Fans Support Project = MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!!

Shin Ha Kyun International Fans , Lee Min Jung International Fans & “All ABout My Romance” International Fans from Soompi.com  are pleased  to present to you the report of our support project to the cast and crew of korean drama ALL ABOUT MY ROMANCE !!! ^^

All the credits to Niru Niru Shekar from SHK International FB =]

I don’t know where to start … so many things to share, so many thoughts and emotions … LOL! and I wasn’t the one who experienced this – once in a life – moment ! xD

My english is bad , but I’ll try to share with you the whole story … so please be kind to me and try to forgive me for my  terrible english level and my fangirl style to redact this story xD ( Thanks in Advance ) ^^


The idea started in the second week of April , Niru and I were a little devasted because of the dismal ratings of AAMR … worried and sad at the same time because those cold numbers would discourage the cast and crew of our drama … it took few days to take some bravery and start this project .

Is funny how the project was originally planned … the ideas was : let’s collect pics from fans and make a video collage with it ,let’s upload the video on youtube and send the link to AAMR Team , Lee Min Jung’s management or SHK’s management .

Fortunately – and unexpectedly – a non k-drama addicted helped us with a big big surprise … it was Niru’s husband who treated her with an unexpected trip to Seoul for her birthday! Niru and me almost collapsed … and decided to change the plans! No more collage video … Let’s go for it and make a small project to surprise them!!!

We spent almost 2 weeks collecting the pics that Fire Aliens ( AAMR fans from Soompi ) , Yewons and SHK fans sent during those days … so in the end we decided to create 3 photobooks with all the pics : one for Min Jung, one for Shin Ha Kyun ssi and another one for our PDnim …. of course in the process Niru added some gifts for all of them [ I OWE YOU SO MUCH , SIS!!! ]

And then … another problem appeared … how to contact korean fans and ask them for help ( since it was going to be really difficult to find SHK or LMJ ) ??? At this point I want to thank @cecilia from Soompi who was an amazing collaborator for us … if it wasn’t for her T_T [ I LOVE YOU , GIRL!!! ]

And after those 2 long weeks … Niru landed in Seoul .

Shin Ha Kyun ssi … you’re truly amazing! ♥


Day 1 : No news from korean fans

Day 2 : No news again * Nina and Niru about to collapse again *

Day 3 : No news once again * Niru decided to take the problem with her own hands and made a plan *

Day 4 : With the help of a taxi driver xD Niru decided to chase the first target : LEE MIN JUNG! … and ….. she found her of course!!!

Niru was able to talk with her for a moment when she was filming a scene at No Min Young’s restaurant ( the scene was aired on episode 11 ^^ ) .

Niru said that she was really surprised when she mentioned that she came in representation of international fans , she was happy and said THANKS! Min Jung received the gifts with her own hands !!!

Unfortunately she couldn’t take pics of the moment because it was an indoor filming and managernim and staffs were really strict with the procedure for fans : NO CAMS!!! ( Too bad we don’t have a pic of her to commemorate T_T ) … but the most important thing is that Min Jung was really happy and surprised!!!

Niru reminded me that she was able to show her some of the cards sent by international fans …. she was so pleased with the project and thanked our efforts! ♥

After her successful meeting  with Min Jung she left the studio and her next target was – of course – her hero , her man xD , her idol …. Shin Ha Kyun !

AAMR_project2Niru’s report from Kim Soo Young’s house …. hasjhashdsh!!!! * Faints *


Don’t worry Yewons … Min Jung will be forever the queen of my heart but Shin Ha Kyun won over me once again with this drama and this project …. Niru’s experience with him was truly unbelievable and we still cannot understand how is it possible for a nearly 40 years old man to be that CUTE???

She met him in the mountains when the whole cast and crew were filming the hiking scene that was aired at the end of episode 11 … To read this side of the story I think is better for you to check Niru’s fan accounts at SHK Intl Fans FB … you will die of jealousy because her experience included :

1st day : Chat for almost 30 minutes , hugs , photos , laughs and a long etc .
2nd day : Niru was her special guest at SBS studios …. she presenced the shooting for more than 4 hours … and they finally let her took pics indoors! ( Those pics cannot be revealed yet because those scenes haven’t been aired yet ) .

Niru is so far , one of the most amazing k-dramas fans that I’ve ever met in my life … her dedication to Shin Ha Kyun is truly admirable and I’m so happy for her because she was able to achieve one of her biggest dreams

In addition she was able to help us and let Min Jung know how much we love her … isn’t she amazing? ^^

In name of Just Min Jung and LMJ Soompi Thread … I want to thank Niru , Yewons and Soompi Fans for all this … and of course , thanks to Min Jung for being the amazing person she is . We love you  ♥

If you want to check Niru’s stories from Seoul , you can check everything at :


All the credits to Niru Shekar ♥


3 thoughts on ““ALL ABOUT MY ROMANCE” International Fans Support Project = MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!!

  1. Incredible , what a experience . Many thanks to all who collaborate in this project 🙂 i love lee min jung and her drama ^.^

  2. wow I’m so envious / proud / happy for your friend , this drama have an amazing fanbase . Actors and crew deserve so much love from fans . Thanks for letting them to know the love of intl fans

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