Actresses do not age? Celebrity secret to look perfect in front HD Camera

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As technology develops, TV monitors started to show real faces of stars. Small spots can look serious in HD monitors. Flawless skin is now a must factor for stars.

However, some stars show perfect, flawless skin even in front of cameras. For example, stars like Go Hyun Jung and Jeon Do Yeon is famous for their healthy and silk like skin. Lee Min Jung has also baby face and fair skin.

Three women have one common factor. They all have unique cleansing technique. Especially actress Ko Hyun jung’s cleansing technique became a buzz over the internet soon after it was introduced. Also Jeon Do youn’s 1000 washing technique and Lee Min Jung’s mist cleansing were both popular.

To keep healthy skin, cleansing is very important. To have fair and younger looking skin like them lets find out about appropriate cleansing technique.

1. Remove makeup with care


Makeup can make people look beautiful but it can also damage the skin when not removed properly afterwards. Especially after applying smoky eye makeup, deep cleansing is important because color pigment from the makeup can cause pigmentation on skin.

To start deep cleansing, use cleansing oil or tissue to remove the thick makeup. Claires Lumaca C.S Gel Makeup Remover will remove waterproof makeup product and other makeup. Because it does not contain any surfactant but base material with moisturizing effect it will add moisture to the skin. Giving a massage while cleansing will reduce the stress of facial muscles.

2. Wash the pores


After removing the makeup, now it is time to wash out the pores. Using the product, make enough foam and give a massage. Then wash off with warm water. Hot water will enlarge the pores and cold water cannot wash properly so make sure to use the right temperature.

Claire’s Lumaca Face Soap is suitable for second time washing because its bubble foam has fine particles with washes the pores. Also it is designed fit to hand grip so it won’t be slippery while using the product.

3. Finish with deep cleansing


After washing the pores, it is time to wash off the residue and add moisture shield to the face. Avoid cleansers with chemical base materials because they can damage the skin so it is better to use soft and mild acid balanced product.

For final step, make sure to give enough facial massage with bubble foam and wash off with cool water. Claire’s Lumaca Face Cleanser has double moisture shield system which has effects of cleanser but does not dry the skin easily and prevents germs damaging the skin.

Source : Yahoo Malaysia


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