“All About My Love Life” Shin Ha Kyun Awed By Lee Min Jung’s Beauty


 The sight of Lee Min Jung wearing a wedding dress takes Shin Ha Kyun’s breath away.

May 15, the 12th episode of the SBS drama “All About My Love Life” featured Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) imagining what Noh Min Young (Lee Min Jung) would look like wearing a wedding dress.

Kim Soo Young sees people doing a shoot for a wedding. Right then, Kim Soo Young begins to imagine Noh Min Young smiling at him while wearing a beautiful wedding dress. Kim Sang Soo (Jin Tae Hyun) sees Kim Soo Young smiling and asks, “You’re not imagining that bride as Noh Min Young, are you?”

During the scene of Kim Soo Young’s imagination, Noh Min Young is wearing an elegant wedding dress that reveals her shoulder. Noh Min Young’s beauty was emphasized in the pure white wedding gown. Kim Soo Young could not control his shy smile as he saw Noh Min Young as a beautiful bride in his imagination.

Will there ever be a day when Noh Min Young will really become Kim Soo Young’s bride?

Source : Kdramastars


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