“All About My Love Life” Shin Ha Kyun’s Public Statement About Lee Min Jung “Love is Hard”


Another obstacle appears in Lee Min Jung’s career.

May 15, the 12th episode of the SBS drama “All About My Love Life” featured Ahn Hee Sun (Han Chae Ah) creating an obstacle in Noh Min Young’s (Lee Min Jung) path after receiving a tempting suggestion from Go Dae Ryong (Chun Ho Jin).

The company where Ahn Hee Sun works released to the public that Noh Min Young’s niece Song Bo Ri (Jun Min Seo) is currently attending a special academy to prepare for an international middle school. It was an issue that Noh Min Young has been against throughout her political career. The news put Noh Min Young in a dilemma since she came to be viewed as a hypocrite.

The only reason Noh Min Young’s niece began attending the academy is because of her aunt, who wanted the best education for Song Bo Ri. Regardless of the details of the situation, everything the media released to the public was true.

Within a matter of moments, countless articles criticizing Noh Min Young began to appear. Other members in her party began to be criticized as well because of the issue. Go Dae Ryong purposely orders Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) to make a public statement about how disappointing Noh Min Young turned out to be.

Eventually, Kim Soo Young stands in front of the reporters and says, “The fact that Noh Min Young’s niece is attending a special academy is the complete opposite of what she had been fighting for. Her words did not match with her actions. It is disappointing.”

Right then, Noh Min Young enters the press conference but Kim Soo Young does not stop his speech.

Viewers were heartbroken by the fact that Kim Soo Young had to make a negative statement about the person he loves. However, only time will tell what Kim Soo Young will do in order to stop Ahn Hee Sun from creating more troubles for Noh Min Young.

Source : Kdramastars


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