Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung in love

couple time

Soo Young (Sin Ha-gyoon) and Min Young(Lee Min-jeong) spent quality time together.

Soo-yeong invited her over to his house and cooked for her. When she tried to help him, he said, “Just cling there and that’s helping” so she wrapped her arms around him.

Being as sweet as ever, the two fed each other and read books, cuddled together.

Soo-yeong then looked at the clock and told her it was late but she whined for another 5 minutes and took out a stopwatch.

However, after five minutes, Soo-yeong reset the timer when it was over and made an endless 5-minute timer like Min-yeong did once. Min-yeong saw this and called him creepy.

He leaned on her shoulder and they continued having the sweetest time with each other, smiling with happiness.

Source : Hancinema


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