All About My Romance DC Gallery Event ~ Fan Pics

Yesterday , AAMR DC Gallery members celebrated a special event to our cast & crew … here are some conmemorative pics of this adorable meeting

P.S : And we also have a brief summary of the event’s highlights ! ^^

Thanks to @cecilia from AAMR Soompi Thread for this amazing report of the fan accounts :

(1) They met LMJ as she was coming out of the set, she asked if they were from DC and she thanked them. She signed and took photos for them and they gave her all the stuff they had prepared – sandwich, hamburger, snacks, drinks, presents etc

(2) SHK…..*sigh* He appeared a few times last night but he was not in a good condition. The gals described that he looked so tired and sick that they felt bad even trying to talk to him. He did sign for them. While signing for them, he looked at their autograph paper and commented that it looked pretty.

The sad thing is that he really seemed sick, he was coughing and blowing his nose and didnt look very good at all. Even during his break time in the dressing room, he had a script in his hands and was practising his lines.

He was one of the last to finish up and when he came out the last time, he was wearing some sort of hiking? clothes and the gals asked him “Oh are you going now?”
Then he smiled and said “yes yes i was planning to go now. Why why?” (hard to translate but it was in this really cute way!hehe) The gals gave him the food and everything else and he said, hang on hang on, let’s do this together with my manager (awwwww!) and he called his manager over. They then gave the 2 of them everything and SHK said, “Aigoo you guys prepared so much! Thanks so much!” and kept smiling at them before leaving

(3) After reading all these accounts, I have to say JIn Tae Hyun is a really really nice guy. When they had first arrived, they saw him and yelled out “Kyul!” He greeted them but rushed off somewhere because he was really busy. Afterwards he appeared again and even before the dc gals yelled out “Kyul!”, he was running towards them with his arms outstretched! He gave them big hugs! He signed and took photos for them. If I had to translate everything with JTH, i think i would be here forever. He really took care the dc gals (he loves the AAMR gallery! He posts on it everyday and he chats with ppl on it. Haha he actually answered my question during the chatting session last night lol). I think he felt bad that they had to wait around for so long since filming kept going and actors/actresses were going in and out. He sat down with them in one of the dressing rooms later on and chatted to them for a long time. He was looking at all the food and everything they had prepared and he said “That’s my 100000won worth” LOL~ He chatted with them like an older oppa rather than an actor, he was guessing their ages and trying to match their nicknames on dc with the ppl there. He then asked his manager to bring 4 sets of scripts from the car and he signed and gave them one each. Later, the gals asked if he could record a voice message for them, at first he didnt quite understand what they wanted to do but before he even understood what they were asking him to do, he was like, let’s do it! let’s do it! whatever it it!!! You can listen to the audio on dc, he says in an informal way “It’s me. Kyul. Annyeong! (in a really cute voice)” haha
At the end of the night before he left, he shook each one of their hands, patted them on the shoulder

(4) During the time they were waiting, they went in the watch the filming a couple of times and were exposed to spoilers! The PD even told them spoilers forcefully! Later on they were waiting in the corridor and SHK was practising his lines in his room but they could hear him (they said that even practising his voice was really charismatic) and so they found out even more spoilers! THen even when they were leaving and catching the bus, another staff member told them more! They were like, dont tell us anymore!! We dont want to know!!!!! LOL The PD did tell them not to spread the spoilers though haha

(5) The crew were all very nice, the director, PD, camera director, coordi’s etc were all very very nice, especially after they heard they were actually from the AAMR gallery (since other visits were made by various fan groups). PD nim asked if they wanted to sit in the dressing rooms because they were standing in the corridor, he was concerned whether they would be tired since they were waiting for the filming to finish which went past 12am. The message book they made was really pretty and extremely popular with the whole crew, everyone wanted one but they only prepared it for the actors, director of AAMR, director of SBS etc. The other thing that was really popular were the badges (they made badges for everyone, like the ones that the senators wear on their clothing)

I have to admire these girls for their dedication. They really do love the drama and went there truly for the whole crew not just the actors. After the actors left, they stayed behind much longer to give out all the food to the rest of the crew. Since part of the crew were not there (they had prepared for 170 ppl), the remaining they left for the PD to take care of to give to the rest of the crew the next day. If you read the accounts, alot of the account is about their interaction with the PD, director, crew members etc

PS Kim Jung Nan was actually looking forward to the visit but because she was part of the B team, they finished filming early and left T_T

Source : AAMR Soompi Thread

Now … the pics!

Credits : AAMR DC Gall


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