All About My Romance Episode 14 Review: Shin Ha Gyun Gives 3 Rings to Lee Min Jung

3 rings

In All About My Romance, episode 14, Kim Soo Young (played by Shin Ha Gyun) gave three rings to Noh Min Young (played by Lee Min Jung).

Soo Young gave Min Young a ring, but it was too small for her finger. Min Young was flustered and said, “I think my fingers got swollen since it’s early in the morning.”

Just then, Soo Young took out another ring and put it in her finger. This time it was too big. He took out the last one, and it fit perfectly. Soo Young said, “Finally it fits!” Min Young replied, “I am really happy and thankful but three rings are too much…”

Soo Young said, “I’m going to waste money on you from now on. Put the big ring on if you get chubby. Put the other ring on if you get skinny.”

Source : Koreandrama


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