All About My Romance OST is now available for ordering in YesAsia


Oh yes!!! Hell yeah!!! xD Our beautiful OST is now available on YesAsia … so make sure to buy a copy for you! 🙂


US$14.99 [~£9.91]


01. My Romance
02. 사랑하니까 – 배치기,신보라
03. 평범한 사랑 – 신용재(포맨)
04. I Love You – 악동뮤지션(Title)
05. 그건 너 – 달샤벳
06. 한걸음 – 티파니(소녀시대)
07. Sweet Enemy
08. Innocence
09. Love Time
10. Moonlight
11. My Love Affair
12. 춤추는 로맨스
13. Blus Tango
14.Peaceful Unification
15. 내일로 가는 길

More info & details  : YESASIA


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