K-wave stars Lee Byung Hun – Lee Min Jung announce wedding in August


Lee Byung hun and Lee Min jung are finally getting married in coming August.

The couple first met in year of 2006 through a co-friend. They dated for a while but broke up due to busy work. Then they began dating again since early last year and finally decided to get married in August.

Rumors have been spread out that they are going to get married soon or they will break up but the couple ignored those rumors and stayed still together.

Lee Byung hun once said about his relationship on talk show program ‘Healing Camp.’ He said that after several years since the breakup, he went to the United States to shoot G.I.Joe and Lee Min jung showed up in his dream one day and could not stop thinking about her since then. After returning to Korea, they began to see each other again and started a serious relationship.

Lee Byung hun is currently in Japan to promote the movie ‘G.I.Joe 2’ and Lee Min jung just finished shooting a series ‘All about my love.’ Since August is empty for both of them, they will having wedding ceremony on August 10th at Grand Hyatt Hotel with close people.

Source : BNT News


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