Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, got married 1 year after they admitted


Another top star married couple was born.

The world star Lee Byung-Hun and the beauty star Lee Min-Jung who has been dating, will marry on August, 1 year after they admitted their relationship.

The entertainment of Lee Byung-Hun officially noticed on 5th, “Lee Byung-Hun and Lee Min-Jung promised each other to be lifetime companions by belief and love. They decided to hold a wedding at Grand Hyatt Hotel on August 10th Saturday, at 6 O’clock.”

Lee Byung-Hun said “For many fans’ interest and cheers, we decided to marry. Please cheer another start” and “I will try my best as an actor, and as a father of one family.” Their marriage is exactly one year after they admitted their romance.

Lee Byung-Hun started official relationship admitting his lover through handwriting letter on August 19th. At that time Lee Byung-Hun said “At the beginning of this year we met again and started dating, feeling a real sense of lover” and “Lee Min-Jung became the most essential part of me. I want to keep this relationship seriously.”

After that he carefully reacted about the wedding rumor, saying “Groundless fact”, but finally deciding to marry on August, he noticed the birth of a top star couple.

Source : Innolife


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