Lee Min Jung’s Father Comments ‘Very Fond of Future Son-In-Law’

LBH_LMJ Kpopstarz

Lee Min Jung’s father expresses his thoughts about his future son-in-law Lee Byung Hun.

Actor Lee Byung Hun and actress Lee Min Jung made an official announcement that they will be getting married this coming August. Regarding their relationship, Lee Min Jung’s father has been interviewed.

Jung 6, Lee Min Jung’s father stated, “I like him, I am very fond of him.”

He continued, “My future son-in-law is so busy that I can’t see his face very often. We usually speak on the phone.” Lee Min Jung’s father also sent the happy couple a message, wishing them a long and happy future together.

Lee Min Jung’s father also mentioned, “Before the wedding, Lee Min Jung will live with us at our family home” and added, “Thank you for all the interest and also for congratulating them.”

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung are to have their wedding ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on August 10.

Source : Kpopstarz


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