Lee Min Jung Learn Politics & Law because “All About My Romance”

All About My Romance_S One

Seoul. Most artists start their career since their young age, but Lee Min Jung start hers in little bit late age. Born, 16 Febuary 1982, started her career when she was 25 years old after finished her Theater subject at Sungkyunkwan University. Even though she wasn’t in young age when enter this path, she’s known as fun and cheerful person likes teenagers.

No wonder if those images keep going on her several dramas. Even in this new drama, All About My Romance, she’s was described as a frisky and cheerful politician. Yes, a politician. She’s willing to learn about political terms and law for toughen her role.

Translated by lmjung @ LMJ Soompi Thread

Lee Min Jung’s name started to steal public attention since her role as Ha Jae Kyung, daughter of wealthy CEO, which paired with the handsome Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flower. From this stage, her career path was opened widely. Later, she’d was offered as a main role in her first drama Smile, You.

Not so long period, her adorable acting skill targeted by many producer, such as Cyrano Agency drama hits in 2010 and comes with 5 awards as Best New Comers Actress in Korea.

Success in drama comedy actress in Korea, Lee Min Jung tried new challenges. Her images as a perfect godess changed as ego diva and thirst of attentions in Wonderful Radio movie. The other character she played in Midas as a fiancé of ambitious finance manager.

Satisfied with those different characters, Lee Min Jung back to her root image and played in new drama comedy with Gong Yoo in BIG. This year, Lee Min Jung back to greet her fans in her new drama comedy with politics theme, All About My Romance.

If we see her real character, indeed we found an unsuitable for Min Jung played in politician world, which full of tricks and generalized with serious things. But, that’s a point in this 16 episodes drama, All About My Romance be more appealing. Lee Min Jung’s role as No Min Young comes with many thought to be quoted. A combination of ambitious, cheerful and sensitive character created a No Min Young as a complex women, yet loveable.

“I was amazed with positive and ambitious No Min Young. But, truly she is a flimsy and sensitive person. Those variations makes me love this character and the story at all. Moreover in each episode comes with the humor story and full of laugh,” said Lee Min Jung.

Hearing all of the compliments, Lee Min Jung replied with the humble heart. “Those compliment was very kind and I don’t think suitable to get it,” said Lee Byung Hun fiancé, Korean actor cast of G.I. Joe 2. One of the biggest obstacle she faced in this drama is about knowing political terms and laws, which new for her. But, she tough those as a fun challenging things, and Lee Min Jung become easier to knows and even knows and memorize it easily.

Min Jung’s easy going and fun habit also present a memorable moment behind the scene. One of those is when she cut her nails in shooting location. “I cut my nails in the shooting location, I thought that is a common thing, but peoples was shocked because I did that.” Lee Min Jung responded, “So what? Actress also need to cut her toe nails.”

Lee Min Jung also can be seen start from 8 May, every Wednesday and Thursday at 19.55 in special Korea feature entertainment, ONE, indovision channel 164 and Groocia ch.

All About My Romance_S One1

Source : Suaramerdeka


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