Lee Byung Hun And Lee Min Jung Plan Their Superstar Wedding

Only a few weeks ago, Korea’s power couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung had made no specific plans for their wedding.

Five days after Lee Min Jung finished shooting “All About My Romance,” she had not picked out a dress or a venue.

“Usually, brides-to-be pick out the beauty shop, wedding dress and wedding photos,” said Lee Min Jung, shortly after the couple announced their wedding plans. “But since we already know people in those industries, it’ll take less time to plan. I am planning on asking a lot of people around me. We decided to make the wedding as simple and small as possible.”

Now that the August 10 wedding plans are definitely underway, it seems as if the wedding will only be small or simple by superstar standards.

Wedding planner Yang Sun Hee recently revealed that the cost of feeding their wedding guests is about $100 a plate. While that is not super-expensive for a top-notch wedding, the couple is inviting 1,200 guests.

“Since they are expecting about 1,200 guests, just renting out the hotel will be around $15,000 to $22,000 and the total cost will probably exceed $120,000,” said Yang when she appeared on the MBC show “Section TV: Entertainment.”

The hotel was chosen as the wedding location because it is big enough for such a large wedding and can also provide the kind of security that the star couple will require.

Lee Min Jung, who wore a wedding dress in almost all of her dramas, has yet to select a dress for her own wedding. She plans to select one at the shop of an acquaintance who dressed her for past red carpet events. In the past she made a joke of worrying that wearing so many onscreen wedding dresses might jinx her chances of wearing one of her own.

Lee Byung Hun, 42, and Lee Min Jung, 31 dated off and on for seven years. They first dated when she was a rookie actress and broke up, says the actor, because their careers made it difficult for them to meet.

Two years ago when Lee Byung Hun finished filming “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” in Hollywood and Lee Min Jung had already starred in ‘Big” and “Smile, You,” the couple met again. Renewing their relationship might have been prompted by a dream.

“Lee Min Jung appeared in my dreams,” he said.

They began dating again and, when she caught the bouquet at a friend’s wedding in May, they announced they would soon marry.

Lee Byung Hun is currently promoting “Red 2,” in which he co-stars with Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich.

Source : Kdramastars


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