From Won Bin-Lee Na Yong to Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung…Romance in Entertainment


The year is riddled with news of celebrity romance and weddings. Won Bin-Lee Na Yong, Kim Tae Hee-Rain, Yoon Gye Sang-Lee Na Hee, Zo In Sung-Kim Min Hee are just a few examples. Ki Sung Yueng-Han Hye Jin, Jang Yoon Jeong-Do Kyung Wan, Seo Taeji-Lee Eun Song took the next step and went from dating to marriage. Topstar couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung are to be married this coming August.

It began with Kim Tae Hee and Rain. On January 1st, an entertainment medium released a photo of Kim Tae Hee and Rain on a date and reported that they had been dating for three months. According to the report, “They became close after shooting an ad in November of 2011 and their contact became more frequent after March when Rain was assigned to be a soldier. From September on they were a couple.” The two admitted to their romance and became the first couple of 2013.

On February 22nd, Yun Gye Sang and Lee Na Hee admitted to their romance. Although rumors of their relationship spread in January when it was discovered that they left for Bali on the same day, at the time they denied the rumors, saying “They left separately for different schedules.” But in January, it was revealed through their agency that “they are getting to know each other.” Yun Gye Sang and lee Na Hee first met last year during the Pusan International Film Festival and became friends through mutual acquaintances.

On March 27th, soccer star Ki Sung Yueng admitted to his dating actress Han Hye Jin. He revealed the relationship through Twitter and said in an interview at Incheon Airport before departing: “It’s not like a crime and I wanted to be open about it. We support each other with good emotions.” The two met in August through SBS ‘Healing Camp’ and started dating in January, ending up with marriage on July 1st.

On April 16th, H.O.T’s Tony An and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri admitted to their romance. The two started dating in March with mutual interest and overcame the 16 year difference in age. Tony An and Hyeri had known each other through entertainment programs and started dating when Tony An pursued Hyeri during Girl’s Day’s comeback season.

On April 24th, news spread of Zo In Sung and Kim Min Hee ‘s romance. The two met earlier in the year by coincidence and kept in touch, starting to date through mutual interest. Through the agency they announced that they had been “dating for 4 months.” Zo In Sung had previously said on an interview about the final broadcast of ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ on SBS that he didn’t have a girlfriend, surprising fans with news of his romance with Kim Min Hee.

On April 22nd, singer Jang Yoon Jeong and KBS anchor Do Kyung Wan announced their marriage. ‘Jang Yun Jung’s husband’, KBS 35th class anchor Do Kyung Wan is currently working as a MC on ‘Morning Forum-Saturday Family Calls’ and ‘Live Tong’. The two met through broadcast and maintained a serious relationship before deciding on marriage. They tied the knot on June 28th.

On May 16th, singer Seo Taeji announced his wedding with actress Lee Eun Sung. They met while shooting the music video of ‘Bermuda Triangle’ from Seo Taeji’s 8th album, released in 2008. They have not revealed specific dates for their wedding. It has been revealed that they are currently preparing for their married life with Seo Taeji’s parents at a newly built house in Seoul’s Jongro-gu Pyongchang-dong.

On June 20th, soccer player Park Ji Sung and SBS anchor Kim Min Jee revealed their romance. Park Ji Sung said of their relationship: “We met for the first time in 2011 and started dating this May. We don’t have plans for marriage yet.”

Meanwhile, topstar couple Lee Byung Hun and L ee Min Jung officially announced that their wedding will take place on August 10th. With a 12-year difference between them, they met through a mutual friend in 2006 and started seeing other, broke up, then got back together after 5 years when they met at an event. They denied their relationship earlier last year but admitted to it in August, becoming a top star couple.

Source : Kpopstarz


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