Veteran Actor Shin Young Gyun to officiate LMJ – LBH wedding

lbh_lmj_Shin Young Gyun_ Lee Beom Soo _Shin Dong Yup

Top star couple Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung’s wedding on August 10 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel will be officiated by veteran actor Shin Young Gyun while actor Lee Beom Soo and MC Shin Dong Yup will act as MCs at the wedding , as there will be two parts of the ceremony.

The 85-year old movie actor Shin Young Gyun recently made the positive comment choosing LBH as the actor who performs really well in his roles (article). The veteran actor is also known for his long and happy marriage.

Lee Beom Soo and Shin Dong Yup are well known as LBH’s close buddies in the industry. Lee Byung Hun was the MC at Lee Beom Soo’s wedding in 2010 (article) and LBH attended Shin Dong Yup’s wedding back in 2006. (article).

Credits : Rubie @ LMJ Soompi Thread


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