[TENASIA PICKS] 3 Hottest Couples in 1st Half of 2013


Love is in the air. Cliche yet true for the Korean entertainment industry which during the first half of the year, saw many couples get married or engaged. A large number of celebrities also admitted to dating someone, a sight that had not been so common until more recently due to fear of the blow their careers or images might suffer.

Of course, the emergence of several media outlets with hardcore paparazzi reporters have played a significant role, snapping up photographs of the stars that expose their relationships, and leaving them no choice but to come forward with the truth.

But as they all say, nothing stays a secret forever. And more of those stars are still happy and in love than not. Below are the three couples that TenAsia deems are the hottest for the first half of 2013.

Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) & Kim Tae-hee

The New Year opened with news of pop sensation Rain and top actress Kim Tae-hee dating. A local news outlet managed to photograph Rain, rare to spot because he is serving time in the military to fulfill the two-year mandatory duty required of all Korean men, getting into the same car with Kim. They admitted to their relationship several hours later, saying they came to develop feelings for each other after becoming acquainted through a commercial they shot together.

However, Rain’s happiness came with a cost. The report that exposed their relationship also raised suspicion that the singer went on unauthorized leaves to meet his girlfriend and after investigation, Rain came to face disciplinary action. Rain, serving on the Defense Media Agency which is the military’s PR unit, was found to have had contact with Kim several times although he had reported he was leaving his unit for practice and he did not wear his military cap off-post, both of which are violations of the decree of Korean military service.

Nonetheless, Kim has said she and her superstar boyfriend are doing well so we are suspecting she will be happy he will be discharged from the military next week.

From left, Korean soccer player Ki Sung-yueng and actress Han Hye-jin pose ahead of their wedding in Seoul, Korea on July 1, 2013. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

Ki Sung-yueng & Han Hye-jin

Korean national soccer team player Ki Sung-yueng and actress Han Hye-jin shocked the public with news of their romantic relationship in March for many reasons but mainly two: their eight-year age different with Han being older, and the relationship seemingly having come about soon after she broke up with her boyfriend of nine years, singer Naul.

Han and Naul, the popular singer of group Brown Eyed Soul, had been a couple that was loved by the public and many were sad to see their relationship end. However, because the two announced their breakup in December of last year, many speculated that Han had cheated on Naul. Over a number of occasions, Han had to explain she had actually broken up with Naul last summer and Naul himself has defended his ex-girlfriend, saying that she never did him any wrong.

Han and Ki shocked the public once again by announcing two months later that they will marry in July, just six months into their relationship. The couple happily registered their marriage in late-June and held a wedding ceremony on July 1.

Lee Byung Hun &  Lee Min Jung


Star couple Lee Byung-hun and Rhee Min-jung had been a hot couple since going public with their relationship last summer. And they became hotter after announcing this June that they would get married on August 10.

However, many had speculated the two may get married ever since news broke of their relationship, despite their 12-year age difference. The two said they were dating seriously, which became more apparent when Lee said they had actually first dated briefly in 2006, and then there were rumors of their parents meeting. Their marriage became close to fact when two weekends before announcing their nuptials, Rhee went to her friend’s wedding with Lee and received the bride’s bouquet. It is customary in Korea for the bride to toss her bouquet to a designated friend and the friend will usually be someone who is set to marry within the six months that follow.

Nonetheless, the public will keep their eyes peeled for the wedding between Lee, considered one of Korea’s best actors, and Rhee, one of the most popular actresses in the country.

Source : Ten Asia


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