Lee Byung Hun’s surprise on radio when he heard his girlfriend’s song

Credits : SBSculture

Actor Lee Byung Hun got a surprise on radio when he heard his girlfriend, Lee Min Jung’s logo song being played during the commercial break.

On July 10th, SBS TVJobs site uploaded a not-yet-released clip of Lee Byung Hun on SBS Power FM “2 PM Escape CulTwo Show”. The clip showed that LBH got a surprise when he heard special logo song of his bride-to-be Lee Min Jung.

When he heard LMJ’s logo song recorded from movie “Wonderful Radio”, he said “She did it?” looking amazed. Then he kept his head down bashfully, kept clearing his throat which made the audience laugh.

Later, a listener asked him, “Who’s prettier, Catherine Zeta-Jones or Lee Min Jung”, to which he replied “Lee Min-Jung” expressing his love. The CulTwo DJ could not help playfully hitting LBH because he appeared so bashful and cute.

Netizens’s reactions toward LBH’s shy reaction to LMJ logo song have been, “Quite cute”, “LMJ Logo song, looks like LBH is liking it more” “LMJ logo song, I’m curious too”.

A fan also asked whether LBH had proposed to LMJ which he replied, no..not yet. Then the CulTwo DJs said, do you want to send audio letter to LMJ right now and LBH got very shy by that.

Credits : mistymorning @ LBH Soompi Thread


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