Bride-to-be Lee Min Jung has her last official event before marriage

Tromm event

Lee Min Jung, who is about to get married in early August with Lee Byung hun, chose autograph signing event as her last official event before getting married.

Actress Lee Min jung appeared in Busan on July 11 for autograph signing event that was held by LG Electronics. As she is the brand model, she went down to Busan and had an autograph signing event to celebrate LG Best Shop opening event.

However, Lee’s appearance in public became a hotter issue than ever. Since she is getting married to her fiancé Lee Byung hun in August, the yesterday’s event was her last official event she is having before marriage.

Lee Min jung appeared in a pure white dress and kept showing delightful energy to each fan while signing her autograph. When fans said congratulating messages to her, Lee seemed shy a bit but she said many thanks back to the fans.

Meanwhile, actress Lee Min jung and Lee Byung hun began dating since two years ago and they decided to tie the knot on August 10 at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. (photo by LG Electronics)

Source : BNT News


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