Korea’s Most Awaited Bride-to-Be Lee Min Jung Experiencing Cold Feet?

KBS Ent Interview

Celebrity weddings are often talked about in Korean entertainment. From the planning and preparations, wedding photo shoot, and even the soon-to-be-wed couple’s feelings. Recently, actress Lee Min Jung shared her thinking about her upcoming wedding. And she reveals that she’s having a bit of jitters. Which, I guess is normal for any bride to be.

‘Entertainment Relay’ guested Lee Min Jung and asked her about the wedding preparations and details. Lee Min Jung immediately responded by saying, “To be honest, because I’ve never been married before, I think a lot about what I should do… Thank you to all those who congratulated me.”

A follow up question was thrown by the reporter asking her, “You’ve worn 5 wedding dresses in your dramas so far, and you will wear your 6th wedding dress soon.” Lee Min Jung despite of her wedding jitters just joked to lighten the conversation saying “How come you’re making it sound so scary?”, bringing a mood of laughter.

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung is scheduled to sealed their love at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul this coming August 10 at 6 PM KST. One of the guest celebrities for their wedding was Actor Shin Young Gyun who will officiate the ceremony while on the other hand actor Lee Bum Soo and MC Shin Dong Yup will entertain their guests as hosts for the wedding.

Best wishes to the couple!

Source : Kpopstarz


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