Stylish Wedding Photo Shoot Perfect For Korea’s Power Couple

Wedding Pic

It’s no surprise that Lee Min Jung looks lovely in a wedding dress. She has worn five in her dramas so far.

When a reporter recently noted that she would soon be wearing her sixth wedding dress for her real life wedding to Lee Byung Hun, she became flustered. Getting married in real life is different.

“I’ve never really been married before,” she said. “So I have put a lot of thought into it.”

That effort paid off, as her pre-wedding photo shoot with Lee Byung Hun is lovely. Her dress is stunning yet understated and she carries a simple bouquet of roses. The couple met with friends and family to take their official wedding photographs on July 29. The black and white photos taken by a photographer friend achieve a sophisticated high society, high fashion look worthy of Korea’s Power Couple.

Because both actors had to fit wedding plans into their busy schedules, they relied on the help of friends and business connections to make the wedding memorable.

“I am planning on asking a lot of people around me,” said Lee Min Jung, when she was first asked about her wedding plans. “We want to make the ceremony as simple and small as possible.”

The private wedding ceremony takes place on August 10 in the Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel but it will not be small. According to wedding planner Yang Sun Hee, they are expecting 1,200 guests and the cost of the wedding is expected to exceed $120,000. Actor Shin Young Gyun will officiate at the ceremony while actor Lee Bum Soo and emcee Shin Dong Yup are expected to host the reception.

The couple’s wedding invitation read “Thank you for being with us on the first day of our new life together. We will repay your congratulatory messages by working hard and living happily together.”Lee Min Jung’s agency also released a statement about the wedding.

“The wedding ushers in a new chapter in their relationship and it’s possible thanks to the support and attention that has been showered on them. We hope that everyone will continue to support and bless the couple’s relationship.”

Lee Byung Hun, 42, and Lee Min Jung, 31, dated for a while and broke up. But then two years ago Lee Min Jung began appearing in the actor’s dreams and they started to date again. They decided to marry after she caught the bouquet at a friend’s wedding in May.

He is busy with promotional activities for the Hollywood blockbuster “Red 2.” Lee Min Jung, who recently finished the drama “All About My Romance,” will appear in “Medical Top Team,” which begins filming shortly after the wedding.

Source : Kdramastars


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