Airport fashion? NO! VIP Premiere fashion is the leading trend!

Premiere Fashion

Airport fashion was loved by many people since it was the only way to see stars’ ordinary fashion but since it is now used as a brand’s marketing tool, people lost their interest seeing stars’ airport fashion.

Now that people are fed up with the airport fashion, they are turning their eyes to VIP premiere of films. VIP premieres are now considered as new places to see stars’ real way look and since hidden stars appear at premieres as well, people find it more interesting.

Every time stars appear at photo walls of VIP premiere, their names are ranked on portal websites and people look for their fashion items as well. Here is a list of stars who attended at VIP premieres. Let us get some styling tips that anyone can try on in an ordinary life.

▶▶ VIP Premiere Fashion 1. Natural and casual look

Look 1
The most popular premiere look is a casual look. Casual look refers to wearing a simple t-shirt with skinny jeans or short pants. The theme of their fashion is ‘effortless chic’ so they look natural and this type of fashion is chosen as VIP Premiere’s best look.

Actress Kim Min jung wore a white t-shirt with white skinny jeans and appealed her glamorous body line. Suzy, on the other hand, put on a boxy black shirt and matched with shorts, completing a natural premiere look.

▶▶ VIP Premiere Fashion 2. Feminine look

Look 2
The stars who enjoy wearing feminine style also show lovely and girly fashion at VIP premieres.

Dress look is the easiest item to appeal a feminine look. Yoon Seung ah, who attended the VIP premiere of a film ‘The Terror Live’ showed a trendy woman style with black and grey patterned mini dress.

Jung Yu mi, on the other hand, showed charming ethnic look with mixed-color dress. For a unique dress look like her, take a close look at dresses from women’s fashion mall Stylenanda. Dresses with colorful prints and cutout design can totally appeal one’s unique charms.

▶▶ VIP Premiere Fashion3. Red carpet look? Sentimental styling

Look 3

Along with natural and feminine look, there is an elegant fashion at VIP premiere as well. Actress Lee Min jung, who attended her boyfriend Lee Byung hun’s film ‘R.E.D 2’ premiere event, attracted many people’s attention with an elegant navy dress. She matched a red mini bag with a lace dress and appealed feminine and elegant mood.

Also, actress Choi Gang hee captivated people with a unique patterned white dress. She matched boxy white cropped top with a skirt and showed a soft see-through look. According to a source from Stylenanda, “As stars’ VIP Premiere fashion is a hot issue these days, many women are looking for similar fashion items.” “Natural and feminine look are the most beloved one,” added the staff from Stylenanda.

Source : BNT News


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